About me

I am nearly at the age my mother was when she died.  Twenty five years later, I can see how much my future professional life was influenced by my mothers’ experience of losing her health.

Personally affected

She suffered from fybroids, and in the early 1990s, doctors were quick to propose a full hysterectomy as the only treatment; this induced early menopause and HRT was given automatically. My mother accepted the doctor’s advice without question and for ten years seemed well.

But she then developed breast cancer, which was detected early; but chemo and radio therapy failed to destroy the cancer cells, which spread throughout her body.  We felt powerless to fight this disease.

We had discussed her first visit to the gynaecologist; when she was diagnosed, he advised her to stop taking her HRT.  “Could it be the HRT that caused my cancer?” she asked.  I had no answer, and anyway, it was too late to be able to change.  But the question remained in my mind…

She died at home; and a home nurse came to lay out her body.  She asked me if I wanted to help, and I will always be grateful to her for allowing me to do that.  As I rubbed ointment into my mother’s body, I felt the intense love that connected us, I felt it physically as well as emotionally.  Years later, I realise that this experience opened a channel in me. Through it courses a vital energy which, from then on, began to spread…

Professionally engaged

Since then, there has been growing evidence that the HRT carries a serious risk of cancer.  And I have come to understand the importance of prevention for all women.  Rather than rely on invasive drug treatments, I discovered a path that led to body awareness, equilibrium and trust in oneself.

For over 20 years, I worked on preventative health and personal development in a women’s association in Flanders.  I encouraged women to recognize the physical and emotional changes specific to the female body.  I helped them to heed their own health problems, sometimes with the help of professionals.  In 1999 we published a book about the female body and health with contributions from eutonia teachers, gynaecological nurses and the women who were willing to share their experiences.

During this time, I took various courses in different body therapies, which taught me that my hands could bring relaxation, balance, strength, vitality.  Gradually, I realised that this ability of my hands to “listen” was taking me in a new and exciting direction.  I hardly dared to believe it!

Then, whilst being treated after a bike accident, I had the very frightening experience of not being able to breathe – I had to dig deep inside of myself to start breathing again, like someone drowning, or a child emerging from the birth canal.  I realized that the time had come to change my life.  My husband encouraged me to follow by intuition, and, with his support, I gave up the financial security of a full time job.

In search of balance

Clients often know – consciously or unconsciously – that their lives are out of balance.  Physical and/or emotional pain and tension are warning signs.  The body can be more intelligent than the mind.

That is why I have now become an energetic body therapist.  I use various techniques to connect with the natural life processes of my clients.  I don’t cure them, instead I help them to connect to their own natural healing powers, and to recognize and trust these powers.

I feel the life energy from the Universe in my own core. If I can connect with it, then I live from my potential. Then I can also support this in you.

My attention is focused on your specific needs, precision in the treatment and time for an optimal (not maximum) follow-up. You do the real work yourself.

Hopeful in connectedness
Lieve Dams