We live through a variety of experiences: some give us energy and others leave us with ongoing or long term stressful feelings. As long as you find the balance between the two, you are fine. Living is changing.

But some traumatic events have such an impact that they make you feel vulnerable for a long time. You cannot change the events that caused this vulnerability; but you have the capacity to recover and always find your personal equilibrium. This capacity remains, even when it seems used up or blocked.

The purpose of all my treatments is to connect you with yourself, so that you can (re)find your equilibrium, heal and live fully.

(Re)connecting massage

Your skin and the underlying tissues, nerves and neural pathways are sensitive to pain and tension, which can become chronic. My treatment is primarily designed to alleviate this pain and tension but can also help you rediscover the physical pleasure of natural balance and well-being.   The warmth, pressure and rhythm of my touch will help you to relax and rediscover your natural energy and balance.

Craniosacral relaxation

A liquid circulates in the brain and spinal cord. Its current can be felt in different parts of the body. Through my hands, I feel the direction and rhythm of this current. With a subtle touch, I bring it back to a slower rhythm and a deeper level. In this way, your nervous system can rest and release into the body the energy that is blocked.

Regenesis Healing

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is amir-riazipour-qwuggI7j_rE-unsplash-1-462x500.jpeg
Photo by amir riazipour on Unsplash

At the heart of the body’s cells is an energy that ensures constant renewal. This energy is able to ensure a self-healing of your body and mind. Sometimes this energy is disrupted or exhausted. By touching my fingers in specific places, I open an energy circuit, which allows me to feel the resonance of an organ, a gland or a nervous current that requires special attention. Like the poles of a car battery, my hands stimulate the regenerative cellular energy to get back on track. It is a valuable complement to physical treatment or psychotherapy.

IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy)

Photo by Charlie.Wales on / CC BY-ND

Psychotherapy or other “talking” treatments is successful in helping some people reset their emotional balance; but talking about past trauma is too painful for others.

Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) is a relatively new approach that has been used successfully with trauma patients. Instead of asking you to talk about your past trauma, I will ask you to bring back to mind the emotion that it has provoked in you; you do not need to ‘explain’ anything.  A precise guidance through remembered feelings and eye movements stimulates a change in the brain processes that were once caused by the traumatic experience.